Saturday, 7 February 2015

Skeletons of Hypocrisy....

As the season of getting hitched & clicked comes around there is 1 question ringing in my mind, the question regarding the happiness of eternity - best described by our Indian traditions as "Arrange Marriage". The word Marriage gives a beautiful imagery or memories in our minds. But is Marriage only about 2 families, shopping, photos, friends & mehendi. These days seeing so many status updates of my friends getting hitched & clicked, rings a question in my mind about arrange marriage vs love marriage. I have known people who had a belief in love marriage & ended up in arrange marriage. How many of us on a daily basis think of this question?? or maybe once or more than that in our life might have participated in this debate of Arrange vs Love.

Every relationship has its pros & cons be it arranged by our family or Love. We proudly say our country is evolving technologically but our mindsets are still stuck few decades back!!! The feeling of love is amazing its priceless, it can not be explained but what if this feeling that you stumbled upon on your own was to be taken away from you? on the basis of caste, religion??

Our parents or the society or the community in which we belong are somewhere scared that their kids might end up getting hitched to someone from the other caste or the worst from the other religion. But what is quite scary being in love with someone who belongs to other caste (at-least the religion shared is same) or someone who belongs to different religion?

I have seen relationships take their last breath on the name of caste & religion or in the name of our so-called cultural values & traditions. Who defines these set of rules?? the so-called protectors of our Culture?? by the way do we really know what is culture or what defines our culture?? Marriage is a union of 2 souls not only Families, 2 happy souls. For some arrange marriage may work out & for some Love marriage. Its about spending the rest of your life with a stranger or maybe not a stranger, its all about chances it may work out with a stranger & may not work out,

In the name of culture the society & the elders are always fine with us getting married to a person whom we hardly know or whom we have hardly met 1 or 2 times, he/she barely knows your likes & dislikes but our families & communities are always ready to take a risk with a stranger but not with a person whom we know, whom we love, with whom we are connected.

We all have the skeletons of hypocrisy hidden somewhere deep down... & we want to overlook it, or bend the rules for our convenience. For our generation marriage is all about companionship its more about Mr.Right & Ms. Right. Heard lot of times women or girls are setting rules in today's times, but we still can not decide our course of life???

We may grow smarter, responsible & old enough to decide things for our-self but will still be chained to Hypocrisy....

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