Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Usual Question!!!

"No relationship is sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together".

A perfect phrase to start this post, well the crux of this post is about the usual question that people  are hammered with these days - 'When you getting married?' or 'Have you found the one?' It is very touchy to see people being so excited about your life more then you planning about your future.. Feel like telling them to slow down, need a speed breaker.

It's very amusing to see how people are more interested to know when I'm getting married rather than asking about my career, how is my work and what are my future plans in terms of career, quite funny but aren't we living in a society where people are more worried about a girl being married rather than settling down career wise.

These questions are most expected when we social praanis gather to enjoy jab kisi aur ki baj rahi hoti hai jissi hum samajik way mai Shaadi kehte hai. Wahan waise hi kisi aur ki baj rahi hoti hai aur yahan log hamari bajane ke liye ready hote hai. Ohh no I'm not against the institution of marriage, i have lot of friends who are happily married and some are even on the road of starting a family and whoa that's a lot to digest.

It's not about when or where to get hooked & booked, it's about whom. Some are lucky to meet their companions earlier in life, or settle with the love of their life. But how do you know it's the right time or it;s the right one? is there any kind of signal or ooh ya fir violins bajte hai and those leaves fly like any shitty YRF movie :P

It's like finding the right mix, just like a right media mix for any brand. And if you don't find just pick up any idiot and make him the right guy we are always good at it ;) How do you know in an arrange marriage that he or she is the right person? what if they are not? it's just like a gamble that's the same with a love marriage. Well these days people try to package any arrange marriage into love marriage, weird!

Companionship is what our generation now looks at be it arrange or love finding the right mix or the right person. We have become so practical in life that we have stopped taking decisions from our heart because maybe we have lot of options these days. It's about finding the person whom you would love to see every morning 1st thing when you open your eyes, someone who would still love you even your dumbest things, always stand beside you when you think you can't.

Well waiting for this beautiful thing is nothing wrong :) when someone asks me when you getting married? or are you in a relationship if yes then when are you taking the next step? whoa i wish to ask these people slow down, ain't you interested how my work life is? how am i growing career wise?

Marriage is beautiful but it's even more beautiful when it happens for the 2 people who would love to tie down to each other & fight for each other.