Monday, 23 February 2015

Open Letter to our Honourable Chief Minister

Today was a usual Monday like any other, I thought so to myself but when I reached Dahisar station I could see many nervous faces, staring at their watch and than at the platform for the train.

Than I remembered the 12th Board Exams have started. So many young nervous faces reminded me of my own boards. But I could also see the stress of traveling in a crowded Virar bound Churchgate local as 9:00 clock is the peak time for office goers.

My heart did went out to them, girls struggling to reach at the other end of the train while holding books & notepad in one hand. I always catch 9:15 am Ladies special but today that train was late & before the train even reached near the platform there were announcements for RPF ordering them to ask the boys to get off the train as it was a Ladies special.

It would have been logical & right act if that boys would not had any exams to give or if they would have been roadside rowdies. But they just wanted to reach on time on their centres, and as everyone knows virar bound churchgate locals are always crowded from 8 to 10 in the morning. It is so difficult for these students to catch such crowded trains, heard a lot of tragedies that increase during the board exams. Students falling off the trains cause they are traveling on footboard thanks to the crowded locals.

I just want to ask the Ministry, CM & our PM we can have special trains for Ganesh Festival & holiday specials why can not we have special trains only for student??? You increased the train fare we didn't say anything because that's was in a good fate for the public, but what about the services that you provide in return.

Mr. Prime Minister it is quite easy to make speeches but it seems difficult to act on. Mr. Chief Minister even you have a little girl you should understand the plight of these Students & their parents.

Who are always worried whether there kids reach safely or not on the centre. I have been hearing from last 2 year that 12th board students centre will be provided on the basis of their residence?? But that does not seem to be happening??

Mr. Prime Minister ye hai hamari Mann ki baat, if you really think that children's are the future of India than provide them with those facilities to grow.

Why can't we have special trains & buses for board students??? Mr. Prime Minister & Chief Minister???

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