Saturday, 20 December 2014

Love.... If It's meant to be!!!

It was 6 in the evening she was continuously looking at her phone, chatting impatiently on whatsapp. The coffee house seemed quite empty for a Friday evening, she was waiting for her friends who were supposed to be there 15 mins back. Avantika hated late comers, so what if she was late always or often :P And finally there they were Raj, Karan, Riya, Roma & a guy who she had never seen before.

They were friends from last 10 years technically grown up together, chaddi-buddies type. Years passed on nothing changed in their friendship, if anything changed it was their age ;) they all came from a different background but this did not matter to them. they were an extended family for each other, each other's 3 a.m. friend. The meet-up today was special karan's sister was getting married & these young amateur's had taken a big responsibility to make this wedding a big success.

While everyone was busy noting down essentials to start the preparations of the wedding. 15 days were left for the ceremonies to start & they were still stuck at the 1st ceremony to start- Kachchi misri (sindhi wedding ceremony). The venues were booked 6 months back they were finalizing the decorations & food, while everyone had their whims & fancies. But they had to finally come to a conclusion. As everyone was busy writing down the details, Avantika seemed to be in some other world from childhood she dreamt of Yash Chopra type wedding ooh sorry Love Marriage.

She was busy figuring out who was the new boy in the herd, suddenly her day dream was broken by karan's irritating voice well actually he was introducing Avantika to the "new guy in the herd" he was Karan's & Raj's cousin Abeer. He was a Electronics grad from a top IT institute & now pursuing his dream in MIT, he was charming, had quite a body like model, his eyes were light brown; deep felt like falling in love with his eyes at first time you see, A guy who felt like who just walked out of a Karan Johar or Yash Chopra Movie.  

Let's move over the introduction scenario. Every detail is finalised for the 1st ceremony. It is divided into 2 people team: Raj-Roma were to look after food, Karan-Riya were to look after guest list & props, Avantika-Abeer were to look after decoration of the venue. As the day came close for 1st ceremony the schedules became hectic, it meant less time & multi tasking. While the other teams to be going on well with each other, Avantika & Abeer seemed to be a bit off, only 5 days were left & they had not yet decided on the decoration theme.

They were on a different page they needed to decide on something. And Abeer made the move & finally they decided to play safe & go with traditional decorations. The Kachchi misri was about to start & all the 6 were busy till the last minute details. It turned out everyone loved the setting & decoration, the food. Everyone was happy, they were happy. Avantika-Abeer were smiling. There was something about them, they were not friends yet, they were the people who were trying to make this moment special for 2 beautiful souls.

To be continued...

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