Saturday, 1 November 2014

Boring Saturday!!!

No specific plans to spend this Saturday. No where to go, just being a couch potato. Scrolling through my Instagram feed watching Halloween pics of friends. Trying my hand on cooking.

In the afternoon switching channels, watching angel & demons at least passed a bit of a time. Than going through my friends feed who are right now shifted there base. Than reading articles like - visiting places before you turn 30 or late 20's or things to do before getting married.

All these things look beautiful to read, it's like a dreamy world where there is no end to expectations but when you are done with your day dreaming reality hits back.

If I leave my job & take a break for a year than who will pay for my every month emi?? My basic bills who will pay?? People who write such articles :p or people who share them? :p

We live in a world where we are used to certain lifestyle, & this lifestyle has become a basic necessity for us if we don't fit in this we don't fit at all.

Even I have a dreamy world. Where I feel like visiting Europe, Sydney etc.. We all have a dreamy world it's just that we are a bit shy to talk about it.

I'm a foodie err but an eggetarian :p love to travel, love to explore places for food or visit new places, & I don't mind if I get paid for this hobby of mine ;) :)

But that's again a mix of dreamy & reality not everyone gets a job which they love. Wish I had a job in TLC or Fox Life or a job like exploring new places, staying at most beautiful places in the world & getting paid for that :) ;) but that's my dreamy world.

Well that's my dreamy land for today till the next post adiós, ciao.

P.S. I hope someone helpful is reading this post & I get a job which pays for my hobby ;) :p

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