Saturday, 22 November 2014

Programmatic Marketing. #Programmatic #SEM #PPC

Well the people who know what is programmatic marketing, good for them for them who don't know (P.S. even i was one of them). Let me define you technically what does programmatic marketing or buying is -programmatic marketing campaigns are automatically triggered by any type of event and deployed according to a set of rules applied by software and algorithms. Human skills are still needed in programmatic campaigns as the campaigns and rules are planned beforehand and established by marketers.

Isn't it a cool media buying platform specially for Brands, where they can buy basis on impressions or inventory & as I'm aware it is real time bidding process. So does this mean there is a tough competition to Search marketing Google display network? . While having a one on one meeting for 2015 strategy for our clients we had this discussion what the future holds in digital. RTB maybe introduced long time back in other international markets & used aggressively but in India it is not used that aggressively, Brands & even publishers are trying to understand & getting to know about the process.

Even I'm trying to understand the entire process, studying about it, reading researches as for someone who is more into branding campaigns in search or digital platforms where your clicks are the game & Avg cpc, RTB or Programmatic can be a breath of fresh air. The programmatic site re-targeting would be an amazing thing to try hands on, the learning can be a break through for the brands which are only into awareness campaigns.

It's so interesting that 1 command can change the entire scenario, here we were thinking of targeting prospective buyers, but now we are also focusing on customer experience, where you are buying on the basis of Inventory. So it does seem that digital sellers have actually understood that it is also about Customer Experience. 

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