Sunday, 14 September 2014

Movie, Food well that's what I do on weekends #IndianFood, #IndianThali, #MharajaBhog, #OberoiMall #FindingFanny

ummmm what do people with holidays on weekends do??? Shopping, weekend gateway, movies or FOOD?? well I'm from those people who love to enjoy a good movie - #FindingFanny & than a good lunch at #MharajaBhog. 

Well i don't do that every weekend, because i find it very boring & monotonous at times, but this time it was almost after 6 months a good movies & good food (Indian Thali). Yeah yeah so what many might not like #FindingFanny, but i found the movie to be a nice fresh story maybe it could be an inspiration from an hollywood movie, who knows?

I liked the setting of the movie from a long time i have been craving for such a place where i can settle down, I'm just 25 an MBA working from like what last 1 year & I'm so bored of this routine work life just in 1 year. I can't realize about those working ladies from last 20+ years (or my mom) for that matter. 

We all get bored somewhere in our routine working life, we just need to find that balance to keep our mind clear. In my case it is Food, movies, PLL series, vampire diaries, tweeting & off course blogging. I don't know the people who read my blog (or maybe i know a few). I just hope you find my blog interesting & engaging, & the most important you can relate to it, so i don't feel I'm the only one who is day dreamer or abnormal ;).

Oh again i lost the track of the topic sorry :P. So this saturday i was eager for watching #Findingfanny (p.s. i just love the Goan setting) Homi Adajania always comes with a fresh story -
Being Cyrus or Cocktail. BTW cocktail is my favorite movie, just love the character of Deepika Padukone, i think Homi Adajania movies bring the best of Deepika Padukone & the songs are awesome of all the Homi's movies.

Don't care what the other critics say, but being a crazy buff of hindi movies i just loved it :). So, after movie what's the next thing a couple does we go for lunch or dinner. Well we both are truly opposites but we share the love for food. Last time when i was at Oberoi Mall i had went to BBC (british brewing company) (p.s. my exp this times was worst). I saw an Indian Thali restaurant - #MharajaBhog which my mum wanted to try but i insisted on BBC, but after the excellent experience (pun intended) i had #MharajaBhog on my list.

It seemed pretty crowded for a saturday afternoon, but luckily we got a place for 2, where should i start, ummm with the stewards coming 1 by 1 they first start with keeping thalis on your table, than they come with starters, side dishes, main course, sweet, buttermilk etc etc.

It was like i actually felt like a Princess the way their service was it was commendable, i don' think there stewards even get a second to breathe. There communication system is awesome, before you even look up for ordering more the steward just pop's up in front of you. The food is bliss, i have tried Rajdhani, but #MharajaBhog is something i would like to visit every time as they have fresh menu every day unlike rajdhani, the service is awesome.

Though it is a vegetarian restaurant but i promise if you eat here once you are bound to return, even if the sabzi is not your favorite you are still going to enjoy, because the food is just like cooked by an Indian Mother with loads of love. Just like a mother puts lots of ghee ;) if your diet conscious than too you can try to cheat at least once for such a yummy Indian Thali.

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