Sunday, 17 August 2014

Random trip for Food

The trip started as usual with me being on time by 1 minute (jab we met style, but not really). With tthe thought that Surat would be a place like some village not much a developed city or town.

How would anyone start their day or trip after arriving at their destination?? looking out for tourist spots or anything else, well we went looking for food - khamni & the famous Locha of Surat. Locha though a weird name for food but still it was a very heavy Locha, a baked flour kind of food filled with loads of Amul butter & spices, to accompany it with green chatni & onions. It may be heavy for Bombay stomach but it was a pretty full breakfast to start off.

Though our may reason for a trip to surat was FOOD. Obviously when in gujarat you should never miss their food, try every damn dish, that's the least you could do to respect that land :P  Well our next stop was dumas beach which actually has nothing to be called as a beach but still people their call it as a beach.

Dumas beach maybe missing a bit of water but Peace was available in plenty & fresh air :) After all this typical surti dishes it was turn of some exotic dishes at Kafe Red (VR Mall) which has plenty of yummy food on their menu, totally international standards. From sizzlers to Mirchi Shots everything was pretty yummy. My advice to peolpe traveling to Gujarat you should seriously stop by Kafe Red Eatery & try some mouth watering food.

And how can we forget of shopping when we are in Surat ;) so after tons of shopping bags & awesome dinner at Kafe Red it was time for some serene moments to capture the last of Surat Moments as we had a train to catch at 1 am. The Marind Drive of Surat was so beautiful, serene & calm just like our very own Marine Drive of Bombay. The last glance at the Tapi River just summed up the trip to Surat.

& to end such a beautiful trip on a sweet & icy note we had Sitaphal shake at a very famous milk shake spot near the Surat station.  Kuch din toh Guzaroo Gujarat Mai!!!!

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