Saturday, 23 August 2014

It's Saturday!!!!

Yes it's Saturday & i have nothing much to do except for watching Mardaani, & planning my next trip.
Well i read an awesome statement somewhere " Take vacations as many as you can coz you can always make money, but u can't always make memories" but to make these memories you require those monies :P

Guess people forget in philosophical setting to be practical. But won't it be nice to dream that off & to fulfill those dreams, so basically save up a bit of your salary, even if you could save at least 1/4th of it for next 3 or 4 months you can at least make a good & economical trip to some awesome places in India.

At times when i watch a hindi movie or even a hollywood flick i just wish i could just fly off to that beautiful place for some peace. In a city like Mumbai where we are on run every second to catch a local, a bus or a metro, to reach office coz our lives have become like a Robot - get up in the morning at 7 get ready leave home try to catch a train, metro or get stuck in traffic try to reach office on time & than evening's again run coz trains so overcrowded even if you are a minute late.

We run to reach on time in office or home, we are always on the run when in Mumbai. & the best way to distress ourselves is get drunk at a great pub till late hours & than get up on  sat with a hangover. Well that idea sometime back went down well with me too, but than i realized I'm 25 right now & i haven't seen even 1/4th of India forget the world.

I can get drunk or be sloshed for the rest of my time left on this earth, but i won't get this time back to explore India for starters. Naah I'm not here to give advice to follow suit but i definitely wanna explore!!


  1. Lovelyyyy.. So Lets Goooooooooooo Scuba / Sky Diving Latikaaaaaaaaa ;)

  2. Check Out These Links : &

  3. Cooooool ... Lets Plan & Pack Rucksack for a Super Duper Adventurous Trip ! ;)